Recognition Night

"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically... Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”  — Martin Luther King Jr.

The objective of Recognition Night is to honor those who exhibit an outstanding attitude, great citizenship, a positive level of participation, and demeanor.  We hope to encourage students contribute in a positive way by rewarding them with this recognition. Academic achievement is not a requisite for this award.
An additional objective is to give students the opportunity to recognize staff that has helped them along the way. Sometimes you just don’t get the chance to tell that one person how they have impacted your educational journey – a nomination allows that.

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I want to thank Kurt for his work, attentiveness, creativeness and inquisitiveness during our Fractal and Chaos Theory unit. He always has a well-timed question or an excellent clarification that not only helps me, but benefits other students. And Kurt, you have made history: students in the coming years will be creating your fractal, Kurtinski's Fractal, as they strive to comprehend this new geometry.

Miranda has an amazing positive outlook on life. She has seen much adversity in her short years, yet always manages a smile and still sees the up side. This beautiful person has made a tremendous impact on everyone some comes into contact with.

Brett has a wonderful sense of humor. His front row seat and my extraordinary hearing, allow me many silent chuckles each week. In addition, Brett is a talented student. His dedication to speaking Spanish and his sense of humor make my days more enjoyable.

"Gifted" is a term I reserve for rare students for whom my grading scale just doesn't apply. With a flowing and mesmerizing prose style, Erin is one such student-writer. The maturity and grace of her writing reveals no only a superb command of language, but also and acute awareness of the sometimes familiar, sometimes eccentric subjects of her writing.

Nicholas has shown tremendous composure and maturity in repeated cases of mistaken identity. He is a young man with a well-defined sense of self and the ability to carry himself with dignity through difficult situations.

Laura has a great attitude and her enthusiasm is contagious. I'm not sure if she enjoys Physics, but I enjoy having her in my class. She has a great sense of humor, yet at the same time she is serious about her studies.

Does quick wit and sharp tongue describe Manish? Yes, but so does intelligent, insightful, hard-working and diligent. I appreciate the way he enlivens a potentially mind-numbing class ... Calculus after lunch.

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