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Madi means joy. She brought joy to all who knew her. She kept all who loved her laughing with her irreverent approach to life. Getting chemo? That means it’s time for a dance party not time to wallow. Nurses, friends, and family would dance with her. Her joy was contagious.

Cancer may have taken her physically from us, but it didn’t take her spirit. Madi lives on everyday through the people whose lives she touched. We are more apt to live in the moment, we will stop to remember that life should be fun, we will go out of our way to give back to the world around us, we will not let our worries about what might happen stop us from doing great things. All these things are due to lessons we learned from Madi.

Madison Taylor passed away from leukemia after successfully beating Ewing’s sarcoma. She will forever be 14. But in those 14 years, she lived true to herself. She valued an authentic life. She loved animals and was a student leader.

In Madi’s honor, and to recognize Madi’s spirit in others, we invite graduating Poway High students to apply for a scholarship in her name.

Who should apply? Anyone who values Madi’s approach to life: authenticity, laughter the face of adversity, giving back, loving animals, loving family, being a leader…if this is you, then we invite you to apply.

Madison Taylor Memorial Scholarship funds are available to Poway High School seniors graduating in June of the current academic year. The scholarship award is to be used during fall semester/quarter following high school graduation at an accredited college or university, community college, or trade/technical school.

This scholarship recognizes Madi's legacy in the school and community and does not have a grade point average restriction or requirement.

Application Instructions:
For the application, see the Step 1 button. For complete instructions including reference forms needed with letters of recommendation, please see the Step 2 button. Applications must be submitted no later than 11pm PST on NEW date June 1, 2020! Letters of recommendation in sealed envelopes with the appropriate Reference Form found at the Step 2 button must be postmarked by NEW date June 1, 2020. No exceptions.